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Hello friends,

Consider the humble and oft-modified Friday. After Thanksgiving it's Black Friday. Before Easter it's Good Friday. It can be casual Friday or Freaky Friday, maybe at the same time. On certain such evenings we get Friday Night Lights and Friday night news dumps and Friday Night Smackdowns. There was even a time when one might employ a man Friday or a, umm... girl/gal/woman/female person Friday, though we hasten to add that in these modern times, such an aide may be more properly referred to as a gender-non-specific-none-of-your-business-and-by-the-way-make-your-own-damn-coffee Friday. 

Now, the as-yet unnamed Friday, October 27 will mark another auspicious observance: the desultory materialization of Cosmic Slim at Timberyard Brewing, for an evening of good-time music. And His Intergalactic Plowboys will provide their usual olio of good-timey, string bandy, country rocky, western swingy, country-y and westerny and otherwise foot-tapping tunes.

Festivities commence at 7 p.m. and go 'til 10, so come on down - bring the kids, even - for an evening of good food, good music and a grand time to be had by all.

Let us review:
Slim Friday
* Friday, October 27
* 7 - 10
* Timberyard Brewing Company 
* 555 East Main St., East Brookfield, MA 
* Be there or be-er  



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