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Hello friends,

We are once again rather late getting out this announcement, so we provide here a retrospective look at the retrospective look at the time before the last time when we were similarly dyspunctual. Same as it ever was, except for the impending date, which in case you miss it elsewhere, is Saturday, July 6. 

We're a little late getting out this announcement, so we'll get right to the point. In fact, the Cosmic Slim Marketing Division's Style Guide places great emphasis on breviloquence. Pithy, concise prose is always appropriate. Short and sweet, in a nutshell. And speaking of nutshells, what's with that restaurant with the peanut shells all over the place, and they still have to ask if you have any allergies? Why don't they just rub down the tables with gluten and lactose and while they're at it? And don't get us started on those bags of peanuts with the "May contain peanuts" labels. Or the vacuums cleaners that warn "Do not vacuum pets." Who vacuums their cats!? Would you use a belt sander to trim their pointy little claws? Those points can hurt, though, so you you need to get to them sooner or later. Now where were we? Oh! So, this Saturday, July 5, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Husky's Pub, please join Cosmic Slim for an evening of toe-tapping and, dare we say, boogieing to the good-time stylings of His Intergalactic Plowboys. Come on down  for an evening of good music and a grand time to be had by all. 

The point:
- Cosmic Slim and His Intergalactic Plowboys
- Saturday, July 6
- 7 p.m. -10 p.m.
- Husky's Pub
  413 Park Ave., Worcester*
 - No cover!
* Limited on-street parking. You may use the “back lot” of the CVS on May St., diagonally across Park Ave.



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