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Bill Fisher was a folk guitar enthusiast in the 1960s, inspired by Tom Rush, Jim Kweskin and jug band music. When that music became electrified by groups like the Lovin’ Spoonful and the Byrds, he did too. His efforts to form bands as a rhythm guitarist were consistently thwarted by a lack of bass players, and, recognizing the need for bassists, he became one. A founding member of the Prairie Oysters, along with fellow Plowboy Rick Levine, he has retained his love of “roots” music of all kinds, and has added upright bass to his menagerie of musical instruments. He plays frequently with a variety of other musicians and musical groups in addition to his work with the Plowboys.


Bob Gordon (aka Gordoné) has been keeping the beat for over four decades drumming rhythm & blues, big band, jazz, rock, folk and country styles for some of the top bands and shows throughout New England and New York. Best known for his classical dynamic drumming, live or in the studio, Bob also sings backup vocals and plays guitar and keyboards. As a professional musician Bob has written, arranged, engineered and produced recordings and jingles for local radio and video. A veteran drummer, be it for a soft jazz trio, blasting big band, Broadway show tunes or full tilt rock Bob’s innovative style always provides a solid, rhythmic foundation.


Rick Levine came to the guitar during The Great Folk Scare of the early 1960s, cutting his musical teeth in the styles of Dave Van Ronk, Tom Rush and Steve Webber. He was a member of the seminal country/folk/rock band, The Prairie Oysters, which included Bob Bloom, Walter Crockett, and Plowboy Bill Fisher. In addition to Cosmic Slim, Rick currently plays with The Wormtown Mugwumps jug band and singer/songwriter Donald Prange.